Get a grip: refine your cross-device
& cross-channel attribution
with 7suite’s On-Premises DMP

7suite’s fully customizable data management platform (DMP) lets you build the features and create algorithms you need to improve the accuracy of your cross-device & cross-channel attribution models.

What can the 7suite DMP do to boost your cross-channel & cross-device attribution?

  • Collect data from various sources (e.g. analytics tools, CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, etc.)
  • Synchronize & match cookies together
  • Import a wide range of 3rd-party data
  • Onboard your offline data & combine it with your online data
  • Connect multiple IDs together to create a universal ID

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I was extremely impressed with Clearcode’s ability to work in unison with us, it really felt like they were part of our team. Our cooperation was seamless and the time zone diferences didn’t disrupt the flow of development.

Steve White
Clarivoy CEO

Since day 1 they have impressed me with the quality and speed of their work.

Jon West
CEO, Founder Add Shoppers LLC

What can I do with 7suite?

Collect & integrate data

Gather online data and integrate all your data-collecting tools including analytics platforms, marketing automation and CRM tools.

Merge & segment your data

Match data from across a range of sources and segment it based on attributes, events and other factors defined by you.

Create a Single Customer View (SCV)

Use your aggregated data to create a complete picture of your customers and track them across multiple channels and devices.

Synchronize cookies

Synchronize cookies with third-party platforms (e.g. DSPs & ad-buying platforms) and provide an endpoint to synchronize cookies with your platform.

Export your Audiences

Export audience segments to third-party platforms, such as DSPs, e-mail and marketing automation tools, or to custom platforms.

Serve personalized content

Activate audience data to display personalized content and increase customer engagement and conversion potential.

Why is 7suite different?

Centralized data storage

Aggregate the data you collect from different sources including CRM systems, analytics and marketing automation tools and sync it together.

Reduced fees & commissions

Avoid the data-usage fees and commissions charged by 3rd-party vendors. 7suite’s pricing applies only to the core technology and services.

Greater control over data

Keep all your data at your fingertips. 7suite can be hosted on your own infrastructure or in your private cloud.

Custom features

Let our experienced team of developers modify the 7suite core technology to meet your individual needs.

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